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Here you can find a designer, a construction design company or design bureau that can offer you individual, boutique designing or ready made designs to build on your property (plot, ground) or a building for your business. You can  select and purchase at a very reasonable price or you can offer and sell ready made architectural and technical, investment, construction designs for: 

See also details on the contents of projects

On this site we will publish a constantly updated collection of ready made (type,
) architectural and technical designs of leading architects, design teams, companies and bureaus. Here you will find more and more new ideas for your home, property or business.   And when your dream assumes a clear shape, we can visualise it using the techniques of 3D designing, so that you can see what it would look like. Together we will edit and improve it until we really create “your design".

On the other hand, you can save a lot of time and money if you choose to buy one of the ready made investment, technical designs that we publish. These designs are offered at prices 50 percent and more lower than the market prices. 

Here you can see their content, as well as the additional steps necessary for their realisation to construction and building commissioning.
You will find more information about design purchasing in  Buy a Ready-Made Design.
It is clear that the experts of Ready Made Designs are ready to assume responsibility for all stages of the investment life cycle – from the idea, through design and construction permit, to construction supervision, deeding and commissioning of the building. We will consult you free of charge on the advantages and disadvantages of the designs, as well as the paths for their realisation.
It is possible that you may select a ready made design but you may want to change it according to your needs and preferences. You can see how in the article Change a Selected Project.

View our suggestions for your business. Design services and Ready-Made Designs for Your Business.

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